Services for prospective authors

At SHS, we understand that our aim to encourage a new cadre of non-academic authors to embrace the conventions of scientific reporting is a big ask. And that is why, when the journal was concieved, we resolved to provide a cluster of support services, alongside the typical peer review and publication services of traditional academic journals,  that reduce or remove the barriers to publication for prospective authors – particularly those from developing countries.

Our support services include:

1. Protocol reviews: Do you have an idea for a study but are not sure about the methodology? Your group or organisation wants to publish but is not sure what data to use and how? Send your ideas for papers with the types of data you have available and we will work with you to develop a protocol for a study or plan for a paper that will make the best use of the information you have got or are able to gather.

2. Writing support: If you have reams of data and information but don’t have the time or the knowledge to craft it into a scientific publication, we can help by connecting you to freelance writers and/or editors that will provide the additional specialist support you need to move from idea to publishable product.

3. Full submission-to-publication support: Unlike traditional academic journals, our aim is not to “accept the best and discard the rest”. Instead, we want to support all propsective authors who have publishing aspriations to realise their goals. So we commit to supporting anybody who approaches us with an idea that is relevant to the scope of the journal (see Guidelines to authors) to develop a high-quality paper that can be sent out for peer review.

Note: These services are not currently donor-funded currently and are therefore provided on a cost-recovery basis. Please contact the Editor, Hannah Kikaya (, for more information.




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